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  • Jackp0tNog


    dnes 18:27 Reagovat

    Loteria de Navidad.
    2017 Loteria de Navidad :
    * 170 . 5 , !
    * ? 2 380 000 000 .

    Loteria de Navidad 22 .

    : , .
    ("" " "), 18- "" (Danielle) .
    , , .

    ! : , , !

    : .
    - 1 6.
    170 - 1 100 000.


  • BenJuics


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    Can you believe that the premier Harry About paperback came peripheral exhausted 20 years ago? The British Library is trying to trouble us from how archaic we all are with this spine-tingling new showing featuring stuff from JK Rowlings own archives. It force also suggest a fascinating air of wizarding books, showing that the adventures of witchery is truly much real.

    October 20 - February 28, British Library

    for more info click here

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  • Mat

    Re: zlaty retrivr

    29.11. 21:33 Reagovat

    Potrebuje vodiaceho psa, ve kto by inak robil vodia v tom aute?

    Majite sa predsa voz vzadu, aby mohol chlasta ten alkohol z flaiek a pohrov, o nemu chba v poriadnej loveckej vbave :-)

  • awrg

    zlaty retrivr

    29.11. 10:45 Reagovat

    Ten spolecensky a vodici pes v roli psa loveckeho svedci o tom, ze Mulliner sve praci a zakaznikum opravdu rozumi >:D

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